Our accounting office provides a full service, including accounting and outsourcing, for offices and customers. We also support the day-to-day financial management of the company.
This offer is addressed to companies, who have an accounting department and a large office, and are not required to conduct business.

Using the services of our office allows for better organization of work. The company itself can focus on its core business without the need delve into the ancillary aspects of conducting business. This increases the chance of success! We seek to match your needs.


  • joint-stock companies,
  • limited liability companies,
  • civil companies,
  • registered partnerships,
  • limited partnerships,
  • partnership companies,
  • individuals,
  • societies,
  • housing co-operatives,
  • representatives and branches of foreign companies.


We provide:

  • Books of income and expenditure,
  • Flat rate listings,
  • Records of VAT
  • Settlement of Human Resources and Payroll
  • Settlement of social insurance,
  • Assistance in the registration of businesses.

We prepare:

  • Annual tax returns,
  • The nature of the inquiry,
  • Statements, tables, calculations

We also present the following services for your office:

  • rental of premises and the possibility of registering on our company’s address,
  • Full secretarial services including professional provision of phone and fax,
  • writing letters, whetgher text or email
  • access to premises for a specified period,
  • rental of conference rooms,
  • management of correspondence: the receipt and notification of incoming correspondence,
  • Handling e-mails
  • access to premises for a specified period,
  • Equipment cabinets and rooms for meetings with clients – includes a full office with presentations
  • that are needed for operating and servicing of meetings
  • Live translation during meetings with your clients
  • translations of letters and documents

The benefits that we provide:

  • reduce the costs of maintaining a real office,
  • raising prestige and improving the image of the company,
  • Professional secretarial services,

We provide discounts till the end of the year for new customers

Contact us describing your company and needs. The following details are necessary:

  • Institution:
  • Person:
  • Street:
  • Town:
  • Phone:
  • Type of activity: trade/servis/production
  • Type of acounting: incoming-outgoing book,/ full acounting/lump sum
  • How many documents per month:
  • How many employees:
  • Additional information,comments,needs and wishes,etc.